Artificial Intelligence

Introducing ICE GPT: Revolutionising Knowledge Sharing and Problem Resolution

We are thrilled to unveil ICE GPT, our latest breakthrough innovation at ICE Tech, designed to transform how organisations share knowledge and resolve issues efficiently. Identifying the Challenge: Through meticulous analysis, we’ve uncovered a common obstacle faced by many IT Support businesses: a lack of comprehensive issue resolution documentation stored in a standardised document repository….Read more   →

Unlocking Competitive Edge with AI-Driven Customer Experiences: Amplifying Copywriters’ Creativity and Productivity with AI Writers

AI writers have transformed how we write content, helping copywriters move past creative roadblocks and generate ideas faster. By using AI writers, businesses can make their content creation smoother and boost the power of their marketing. But it’s not just copywriters who benefit. AI writers also help create customer experiences driven by AI, giving companies…Read more   →