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Our values guide the way we behave to our employees, partners and clients. Our core objective is transformation, and this underpins our holistic approach to deliver high-quality e-governance solutions that improve the day-to-day lives of their citizens.

We develop and deliver high-quality systems for government and ultimately citizens.
ICE Tech, as an organization, is founded on these core values that affect transformation.

Our vision is to be governments’ preferred digital transformation partner in unlocking their services to drive their nation towards its potential.

Our mission is to streamline and improve governments’ compliance and revenue collection capability by providing the resources and tools to improve service delivery and their citizens’ overall experience.

 About us  About us 

 About us  About us 

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Great solutions are more than the sum of the parts. They require the convergence of leadership, experience, powerful software, effective implementation, project management, logistics and talent. Agile development practises ensure deadlines are met and product feature developments are managed sprint-by-sprint. We thrive on the challenges that serving African markets presents and pride ourselves on our ability to understand the need profoundly and to provide the products and tools to transform our client’s operations, now and into the future.

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