Step into the future of digital transformation

ICE Tech has been at the forefront of government digital transformation for over 12 years.

Seeing beyond the problem

ICE Tech understands governments’ business needs and has the market insight to anticipate its evolving requirements. Our mission is to improve government’s internal organisational efficiency and operational effectiveness while promoting a client-centric, user-friendly system that optimises the citizen’s interactive experience.

 Business solutions 

 Business solutions 

Future-proof integrated software solutions

ICE Tech’s solutions are renowned for rapid system deployment and extensive ease of customisation and configuration.

ICE Engine’s open source and low code software architecture allows seamless integration with localised systems for payment collection

  • Its flexibility ensures compliance with ever-changing local government legislation
  • Its adaptable and configurable architecture future-proofs your investment in the platform
  • Industry-centric modules within the platform cater to niche government operations, enhancing the citizen’s day-to-day interaction with government item

About us

ICE Tech has been revolutionising clients and citizen experience for over 12 years. Our culture is to find solutions that add value and positively impact the lives of those who place their trust in us.

Enduring Partnerships

We continuously evolve our ICE platform to ensure best-in-industry performance. We collaborate with our partners and clients and consider their feedback to determine what resources we need and act proactively.

ICE Tech invites potential distributors, resellers and implementers to join our Partner Network Ecosystem:

  • We have an established, thriving industry track record
  • We support our partners with access to enablement and training materials, sales and technical tools, co-marketing initiatives and ongoing technical support
  • Re-sell and implement ICE solutions with our support

 Become a partner 

 Become a partner 

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Start the digital transformation journey to overhaul your government or business by booking a demo with our expert sales teams and business consultants. They’re native to their regions, with critical local insights into your specific e-government or e-business needs.

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