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Exploring the Digital Government Africa 2023 Summit

A Look Back at ICE Tech’s Experience In the ever-evolving landscape of government technology, attending conferences is not merely a choice, but a necessity. ICE Tech recognizes this, which is why our team eagerly participated in the Digital Government Africa 2023 Summit held in Lusaka from October 4th to 6th. This event, hosted at the…Read more   →

Technology in Afrca

Africa can Lead the 4th Industrial Revolution by looking inward and using homegrown technology to solve its unique challenges.

In many ways, African consumers have been leaders in adopting new technologies in segments like mobile telephones, data connectivity, and mobile money. However, African governments have lagged behind this trend. The reasons for the lag are numerous and primarily due to the following: Limited funding, likely because of budgetary priorities targeted at basic needs such as infrastructure…Read more   →