Author name: Jaco Albert Bakker

Introducing ICE GPT: Revolutionising Knowledge Sharing and Problem Resolution

We are thrilled to unveil ICE GPT, our latest breakthrough innovation at ICE Tech, designed to transform how organisations share knowledge and resolve issues efficiently. Identifying the Challenge: Through meticulous analysis, we’ve uncovered a common obstacle faced by many IT Support businesses: a lack of comprehensive issue resolution documentation stored in a standardised document repository….Read more   →

Exploring the Digital Government Africa 2023 Summit

A Look Back at ICE Tech’s Experience In the ever-evolving landscape of government technology, attending conferences is not merely a choice, but a necessity. ICE Tech recognizes this, which is why our team eagerly participated in the Digital Government Africa 2023 Summit held in Lusaka from October 4th to 6th. This event, hosted at the…Read more   →