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Our CEO & CMO chat on the Matt Brown show

Quantum Entanglement

In this week’s piece on potentially transformative technology, I have selected a further extension of the quantum computing topic. The concept I will touch on was well described by Albert Einstein as “Spooky Action at a Distance”. This quantum property is called “Quantum Entanglement”. It is a bizarre property of quantum particles where they become […]

Emerging Technologies Segment 2 – Time Crystals

It was tough deciding what to write about, not because of a shortage of options but because there is a constant flood of new and exciting developments. I feel like a kid in a candy store. What could be cooler than ‘Time Crystals”? It sounds like a new addition to the Flux Capacitor from Back […]

Emerging Technologies Segment 1

For the first segment in this series, I will touch on the social tipping point I believe we are currently on. I won’t address any specific advances I think will impact us in the future yet. I will save these for the segments to come and rather touch on the social impact or “Social Physics,” […]

How AI-driven customer experiences give a competitive advantage

Traditional, person-to-person customer service is antiquated. Now, companies are turning to AI-driven customer experiences to up their game. Artificial intelligence is driving customer service, where chatbots are replacing phone calls and emails, and your company can provide an exceptionally personalized experience for customers.   What is AI? Artificial intelligence is a term that has come […]

Our CEO explains Cryptocurrencies – Part Three

In this third and final segment on Cryptocurrencies, I will look at a couple of noteworthy Cryptos, other than Bitcoin which, in my opinion, are worth looking at. I have excluded XRP (Ripple) for the reasons highlighted in the previous segment, in particular, that I don’t believe it to be a Crypto, just a solid […]

Our CEO explains Cryptocurrencies – Part Two

In this segment on Cryptocurrencies, I will explain the different mechanisms used to generate/create Cryptocurrencies known as mining. I will also include an explanation for why I don’t consider Ripple’s XRP coin to be Crypto. Your views on the matter are welcomed…   The central tenant underlying the Crypto principle is that it applies the […]

Our CEO explains Cryptocurrencies – Part One

  Some of you may be very familiar with Cryptos either as traders, possibly miners, or simply as a topic of interest so some of this information may be familiar to you. I will note, at this point, that the views expressed on this topic, other than the technical descriptions, are my own. Feel free […]

Quantum Mechanics and Modern Day Computing

This week’s topic isn’t business-related directly and hopefully something some of you will find interesting. It is one of my areas of passion, quantum mechanics.   For those of you that do not know what Quantum Mechanics is, it is the study of the interaction between the various subatomic particles: Protons, Neutrons, Electrons, and the […]

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